About Lorna Abwonji - Mia Mara Creations
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About Lorna Abwonji


I have been in the fashion industry since 2008 and have had a wide experience making clothes for women and I am experienced in making clothes for men and children as well.

I have participated in many local fashion shows and been a contestant in various local and international fashion competitions such as

Redds Africa Fashion Design Awards [RAFDA]

Africa Designers For Tomorrow [FA254]

And in 2016 picked as a Mandela Washington Fellow [MWF]  in the Young African Leaders Imitative [YALI] program started by President Obama that is aimed at helping Young Africans reach the next level of what they are already doing in their projects in business, private and public sectors.

I tend to work with all sorts of materials and do not limit myself to what I learnt in college but also experiment with new and different techniques and draw inspiration from different sources. Apart from clothing I also design accessories and am looking to diversify my work in that area as well.

I am also very passionate about young people and mentor-ship and always willing to work with them and help them reach their full potential.