About Mia Mara Creations - Mia Mara Creations
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About Mia Mara Creations

Mia Mara means “give me mine”

Mia Mara Creations started in April 2008. It seeks to inspire its clientele to have their own unique style. Hence its motto “Create Your Own Style”

Mia Mara specializes in occasional and casual clothing for women and also clothing for men and children.

Its main clientele are young adults looking for outfits for special occasions or looking to change their wardrobe to their specific style.

Since it started operating Mia Mara has inspired its clients to embrace their body types and dress according to body type personal style and taste and also to explore new styles that may flatter them.

The main goal for Mia Mara Creations is to inspire people to embrace their own personal style and purchase custom made clothing and to encourage them purchase more locally, custom made clothing in favour of imported clothing

Mia Mara also seeks to eventually expand to international markets and inspire people to embrace their own sense of style and make its products more available in retail platforms.